Nichole Bloom, Actor & Writer

Unalome Chronicles: Nichole Bloom, Actor & Writer

Starting at a young age, Nichole never stopped pursuing her passion for acting and writing. It's her hard work and dedication to her craft that landed her a leading role on NBC's sitcom, Superstore (currently in it's 4th season!) and projects such as her original show, "Nice Girls," which went from the UCB stage to a mini series with Funny or Die. Let's get to know her better...

A sensitive wild child with a vivacious appetite for all things fun ;)
I don’t remember what drew me to acting initially, but I started doing plays when I was eight, and I loved it because I was painfully shy, but acting felt like the only way I could be loud and myself. As far as writing, I’ve always written in journals, and then I took a screenwriting class in college and have kept writing on and off since then. My main reason for writing is slightly selfish, because I’m inspired to write things I want to act in. Everything I write is a different process, but sitting down and getting started is always the hardest part. Currently, my friend Elizabeth Guest and I have been working on our series called “Nice Girls” which is inspired by how we had to grow out of being too nice to everyone. It started as a stage show, then we did a few sketches for Funny or Die, and now are developing it as a TV series!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about the entertainment business, so I enjoy having a life outside of acting. I love surfing, being outdoors, and having friends who have different interests and careers outside of what I do. It sounds cliché but I’m happiest when I’m being creative - things as simple as cooking a meal or making a birthday card for someone. When I am feeling frustrated and over work, though, going to the movies is something that always reinvigorates me. I find comfort in the notion that I’m not in control of anything. So, I just live my life with the best intentions and try to let go!

I just recently started filming Season 4 of Superstore. I’ll be working on that for the next six months, and who knows what will happen after that! Some of my biggest dreams have already come true and I’m open to whatever else may unfold. Success for me is to be continually growing and putting forth effort in my work and relationships. There’s no end goal. 

Unalome Chronicles: Nichole Bloom, Actor & Writer

Given what we know about human impact on the environment, I try to be conscious of my own actions and remember to keep the following in my bag…#1: A reusable shopping bag. #2: My reusable stainless-steel cup for when I get coffee. #3: A handkerchief to wipe my hands on when I go to the bathroom so I don’t have to use paper towels.

Describe your style...
A gender fluid, 12-year-old Malibu surfer child, who loves anime and gets cold easily. I feel the most me when I mix relaxed clothing like my baggy grey cardigan and sundress from the Goodwill with glittery nails and blingy jewelry."

Unalome Chronicles: Nichole Bloom, Actor & Writer

Connect with Nichole: @NICHOLE_BLOOM


October 8, 2018