Lily Mercer, Esthetician

lily mercer interview

Lily landed her dream job as an Esthetician at her favorite spa in Toronto after triumphing over years of problem skin. Let's get to know her better... 

You're obsessed with your job! So, life is good?
“I’ve always struggled with problem skin. I battled acne and subsequent scarring that comes with it and for a long time it really destroyed my self-esteem. I finally managed to turn my skin around and I just never forgot how good it felt to have found someone who understood what I was going through and who gave me products, tips, and tricks that actually worked. I really wanted to be that person for other people so I decided to go to beauty school last year. I got a degree in Medical Esthetics and am now working full-time as a Medical Esthetician at a spa called Pure + Simple in Toronto (that I’ve actually been a client of for the last 5 years). It’s my dream job, I’m obsessed. And the hefty product discount isn’t too bad either! But what I really love most about my job is my clients. It’s the best feeling to watch their skin transform and to see how that makes them feel good about themselves.

I would love to my own beauty bar and develop my own skincare line one day, and I can’t wait to start a family. I’m a natural born mom - I make the best chicken noodle soup from scratch and I already have band-aids in my purse ;) The person I admire most in my life is my mom. She’s just such a boss ass bitch and one of the funniest and strongest people I know. Her energy is so pure, it’s incredible. I know it’s a cliché, but she really has shown me that I can have all of the things I want in life because she has done just that, and has done it very successfully. (Lily's mom owns a trendy hair salon in Los Angeles). Success for me is when you’re excited to go to work. I’ve never felt that until now.

Describe your vibe.
Bad and bougie - I feel the most myself in my silk kimonos (yes, plural). I’m inspired by, like, everything and my mind is a mile a minute. I’m a very cinematic person. I guess that’s a nicer way of saying I’m really extra but I draw a lot of inspiration from movies. My favorite movie of all time is Boogie Nights and every morning, before anything else, I drink a glass of water with lemon juice followed by a nice good cuppa English PG Tips tea with milk and honey. I come alive when I go out at night, and it’s my song, and I’m just dancing. Nothing else ever comes close. 

Tell me about your nickname Shrimpy (@badgalshrimpy).
“So, it’s a three-parter: Whenever I was feeling really low or unmotivated I would say to my husband “I feel so shrimpy” and it was like our little code-word. Then, when I was in a store in London, I saw a tee with, no joke, a little drawing of a shrimp with a thought bubble above its head saying “I feel shrimpy,” so I bought it, obviously. I was actually freaking out that this shirt existed. Later, at a friend’s birthday party, when I was wearing the shirt, my friend looked at me and said “Shrimpy! There you are!” and so it just became a thing.

lily mercer interview

#1: I have the glossier pink pouch that everyone has and I call that my essentials pouch that I swap from purse to purse. Inside of that is EVERYTHING. I swear I have like a whole pharmacy in there. There’s also Dr. Bronner’s lavender hand sanitizer, probably 5 lip products, a miniature nail care kit, hair ties and bobby pins (in a separate mini pouch of course), and hand cream (I work with my hands all day, lots of washing and I HATE dry hands). Soooo I’m gonna cheat and count that whole pouch as 1 item! 
#2 and #3: A pen and a notebook/planner. I love my iPhone for lots of handy stuff but nothing satisfies me like writing lists by hand and writing down my schedule for the day. I love to cross things off my list on my way home from work on the subway while I unwind and throw in a little hand massage and nail clean-up to pass the time.

Tips from a pro:
My favorite beauty product of all time is the Lupine Protein Serum by Pure + Simple. And a note about facials: don't ever worry if you fall asleep during one - it's the biggest compliment for us estheticians!"

Connect with Lily: @BADGALSHRIMPY

October 1, 2018