Alessandra Torresani, Actor

Unalome Chronicles: Alessandra Torresani, Actor

Singing and dancing her way out of the womb, Alessandra's made her passions her career, starring on big name TV shows like Caprica, Husbands and The Big Bang Theory. And as a hardcore puppy-lover, she even launched her own pet accessory line, Some Like It Dot. Let's get to know her better...

You've definitely never been camera shy!
I would not be in Los Angeles, be an actress, or have any sort of success if it wasn’t for my Mom who allowed me to be exactly who I was born to be. I always knew I wanted to be in front of the camera. I was a dancer my whole life and loved being on stage performing. I auditioned to be a host of a Kids Club in San Francisco, where I am originally from, and got the job! About two years later, I was bit so hard in my bum by the camera bug that the only thing to do was move to Hollywood! One million plus auditions later, I am here doing what I love, allowing my stories to be told to the world. There's no better feeling than knowing I’ve connected with someone by making them laugh, smile, or even cry. If I make other people laugh, I know I've done my job for the day. Acting is the only moment in my life I can escape the real world and divulge into another human...or Cylon for that matter. (That one is for all you Sci-Fi fans!)

My present life consists of me working on myself, something I have not done in 30 years. The next cycle of my journey has just begun and I am ready to take on more TV, film, possibly radio, host a bit, direct, produce, design...I mean, I can keep this list going for days. I also continue to dance as often as I can – I dance at home all the time, so it can get very loud in my house!

I try to keep a daily pattern. Meditation is a new, but very important key to my day and dance is my all-time favorite way to let all of my frustrations and anxieties release. I’m Bipolar and very vocal about de-stigmatizing mental health. We are all a little bit crazy, it’s what makes us so fun! Cheesy and truthful, I must surround myself with love and positivity. Life can get very dark and I need to be snapped back into place sometimes by the ones I love.

Unalome Chronicles: Alessandra Torresani, Actor

Some Like It Hot Dot.
Some Like It Dot became a company as a complete fluke. Halloween is my life. Literally, Halloween starts in August for me, secretly all year round too. I used to try and find bows and bow ties for my dogs that were Halloween themed and I had the hardest time finding them, so I started making them myself. My mom used to make all of my dance competition costumes and Halloween costumes, so I am VERY familiar with the fabric store. Truth be told, the first couple bow ties were hand-sewn by my Mom! As for my two children, Dottie and Pee Wee Herman, follow their Instagram's and be prepared to have your life changed forever.

You're an unusual club-goer...
My favorite pastime is driving around Hollywood clubs with my girls and never actually going inside but making the boys come out to my car to say hi…and yes, we could get into clubs but we're too lazy.

#1: A red lip - because who knows how your day will go and how it will lead you into a wild night. Currently loving the color Red Square by Nars. My look is constantly changing but one thing that makes me, me is that I live for A LOOK. A vacay look, a Coachella look, an NBA finals look… a theme makes me oh so happy. #2: SPF - because it keeps your skin young and fresh, I mean look at me, I’m really 55 ha! I love the Glow Stick Sunscreen by Super Goop. #3: A medicine cabinet - my friends always make fun of me because I'm the crazy girl with a baggy filled with anything your local pharmacy sells…only PG-13 pills and Pepto Bismol, duh."

Unalome Chronicles: Alessandra Torresani, Actor

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Photos 1 & 3 by @CAMBRIA_FODEN

September 24, 2018