Mary Keane Arenson, Women's Community Curator at The Assembly

Unalome Chronicles: Mary Keane Arenson, Women's Community Curator

Mary found her dream job inspiring her community as the Head of Partnerships at The Assembly, a female-driven co-working community for women in San Francisco. Let's get to know her better...

Give us a glimpse into your world at The Assembly…
“I did not find The Assembly overnight. My “business career” was in Admin and Ops at a few different Venture Capital firms over the course of 7 years or so. In the midst of this, I found myself drawn toward a more creative and active Inner Self. I found balance through working out, building my network, and trying new creative outlets (I even tried acting while living in Los Angeles. So fun. So defeating!). About a year and a half ago (early 2017) I decided to listen to that Inner Self and try something new for myself – in a real way. I knew my career in VC wasn’t fulfilling, and I was looking for more. It was then that I made a commitment to search for a job that wouldn’t feel like work - well, would feel less like *work* than it had before. Through listening to myself I met one person, who knew another person, who said meet this person, which landed me in a very informal meeting with Molly Goodson, the CEO/Co-Founder of The Assembly - "a community designed for women to connect, collaborate, sweat and engage." She (and her co-founder/COO, Carnet Williams) saw a passion and drive in me that they felt would help build our company. I was our first hire in early Fall 2017 and have been loving it ever since.

Unalome Chronicles: Mary Keane Arenson, Women's Community Curator

In the beginning, the three of us did it all: Membership, Operations, Finance, Partnerships, Programming, Hosting, Fitness Instructing (you can still find me on our Fitness Schedule from time to time). As we’ve begun to build out our talented team, it’s allowed me to spend the majority of my day-to-day efforts on our Partnerships. My day (usually) starts with a workout - my go-to’s are an Assembly signature fitness class, like STRONGER or Come Alive or SoulCycle. After a refreshing rinse off in our outdoor shower, I usually grab a coffee, check in with the Coffee Bar team, say hello to a few members, and it’s off to the races. Our Partnerships team meets first thing every day to assess our priorities, voice any blockers, and celebrate any wins from the last 24-hours. Then we break and it’s time for meetings or calls with companies and entrepreneurs (who, 99% of the time are female/female identifying). There are loads of things we look for when identifying partners to work with, but I’ll try to simplify it; I look for partners similarly to how a VC might: Does the company (or founder) have a compelling story? Is the product or service one of integrity? Are we delighted by the product/founder/service? Do they believe in The Assembly’s ethos and see the value in our work and mission? I value and view my role as a tastemaker for our 530+ members. I have to be 100% confident in a partner before vouching for it in front of our members – they are our family and they are the people who motivate me to strive for the best!

My passions are met daily through my work at The Assembly. I’m passionate about doing work that delights and inspires other people - especially through movement, wellness, community, and finding strength within. I love coming to work every day to a physical space that was built specifically for women - the way we work, connect, workout, and exist. There’s a sense of relief, ease, and euphoria that runs through my veins each time I walk inside. I love that I spend my day thinking about making other people’s lives more enjoyable, a little bit easier, and hopefully more loving. I love that my colleagues are respectful, thoughtful, diverse, and funny! 

Unalome Chronicles: Mary Keane Arenson, Women's Community Curator

How do you define success?
When it comes to success, I’ll admit that I let Oprah identify that for me some time ago. It resonated then, and it still does today. In a nutshell, success starts with identifying what lights you on fire - what really revs you up. That is Your Truth (or as I call it: your Inner Self). That’s the magic. Once you’ve found your Truth – what you’re good at, what you love – make a commitment to serve Your Truth in every Thing that you do.

What motivates you, excites you & makes you happy?
My husband, Jon, motivates me to stay true to myself, my nieces excite me when I see glimpses of the world through their sweet eyes, and spending time in nature - hiking or at the beach - makes me the happiest. 

Is there a great phrase you love or daily routine that helps you re-connect with yourself?
An old Irish Proverb my grandmother told me when I was little, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” I also try to pause a few times a day with a big glass of water and three deep breaths. It helps bring me back to myself.

#1: Monastery Attar (I carry a tester size container in my purse) - my skin is always too dry and Attar hydrates and gives my skin a natural dewy look. #2: Glossier Stretch Concealer - it’s the perfect no-makeup Makeup. #3: Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm - it’s silky, glossy, and low maintenance."

Unalome Chronicles: Mary Keane Arenson, Women's Community Curator

Connect with Mary: @PEACHYKEANE


January 7, 2019