Chloë Drimal, Founder of Yoni Circle - Connecting Womxn through Story

chloe drimal interview

Yoni Circle was born out of Chloë’s mission to empower and connect womxn* through story. Her drive and entrepreneurial spirit is what keeps this intimate community of women growing, while continuing to have such a profound impact on it’s members. (*Womxn: a more inclusive spelling of “woman” that sheds light on prejudice, discrimination, and institutional barriers of all who identify as a “woman.”) Let’s get to know her better…

What is Yoni Circle?
“Yoni Circle is an event-based community that heals, empowers, and connects womxn through story. Think social club, meets mindfulness class, meets slumber party at your best friend’s house, meets a few other things. We call our events salon experiences. Our main salon experience is limited to 12 womxn and we always provide wine and snacks. We start with arts and crafts then move into a story circle where we share vulnerable stories around a prompt. After, people continue to sip wine and connect in deeper ways.

chloe drimal interview

Tell us about your journey creating Yoni Circle and what you’re currently working on.
I was the 14th employee at Snapchat and worked there for four and a half years. I did a lot of things while there — helped to create and run the Our Story product, ran woman’s initiatives, and was involved in the Council program early on. Council is the practice of listening and speaking from the heart, which I then incorporated into our women’s initiatives programming through a Woman’s Council.

Yoni Circle is inspired from everything I did at Snap — many things I observed, and sentiments I felt. I created a lot of stories from my time there and also listened to other’s stories. I saw the healing that took place from simply having one’s story heard and validated. The connections it formed, and the growth it created in both people. I wanted to nourish this sentiment on a large scale, bring womxn of all walks of life together in this intimate and empowering way.

Currently, I’m also working on publishing a magical realism novel that chronicles three women as they navigate their early 20s in Los Angeles. Wish me luck :)

chloe drimal interview

How do your values align with Yoni Circle?
I’m really passionate about story-telling. How letting go of one’s story heals the person who releases it and how listening to others’ stories creates bridges between people who may have thought they had nothing in common. This passion is the foundation of Yoni Circle.

What do you love most about what you do?
I’m very much a participant in what I’m creating with Yoni Circle, meaning I also heal, am empowered, and connect during each Yoni Circle I hold. I’m extremely grateful for this and believe this has helped me persist, even when things feel hard or uncertain. My participation also allows the product to feel more alive, because as I experience each salon, I’m able to observe and tweak various elements so that the product continues to evolve. This process is stimulating and inspiring.

chloe drimal interview

What’s next for you?
I’m really focused on growing the Yoni Salon experience — saturating Los Angeles, then moving to new cities, while also developing other exciting Yoni experiences and products for womxn.

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?
I love that no one tells me what to do and I instead solely listen to our community and my own intuition when understanding what’s best to do next.

How do you define success?
Success to me is being able to financially sustain my own life while also serving others and doing my best to make the world a better place in the ways that I can.

chloe drimal interview

What motivates you?
I’m motivated by Creation — working to create things that bring other people some type of joy, self reflection, or support. Creation drives both Yoni Circle and my writing.

Are there any life philosophies you abide by?
Listen and speak from the heart :)

When do you feel the most You?
When I’m writing, exploring a new city, or dancing alone.

#1: Yoni Stickers. #2: A pen. #3: My wallet.”

chloe drimal interview

Connect with Chloë: @CHAOTICKLOWY

Connect with Yoni Circle: @YONI_CIRCLE


February 5, 2019