Bianca Greene, Mixed-Media Artist

Unalome Chronicles: Bianca Greene, Mixed-Media Artist

Bianca Greene is a mixed-media artist from LA who's journey of self-discovery informs her work. She creates beautiful wooden boards inlaid with sacred crystals for your home. Let's get to know her better...

Tell us the story behind your creative endeavors.
“I'm a multi-media Los Angeles based artist, originally from Santa Monica, CA. I grew up with a deep curiosity around creativity and wanted to express it in every aspect of my life. So, at Lake Forest College, I focused all of my studies around studio art, becoming well-versed in art installation art, photography, sculpture and video. After school, I worked in the Art Dept. on TV commercials, music videos and movies, while I continued creating my own personal creative projects on the side. I explored many aspects of my work, but a feeling of disconnect started to emerge – I felt that in the digital space I was working in, all that mattered in order to excel was having latest and greatest technology on the market. With this void, a deep desire sparked in me to return to working with my hands.

Inspired by this desire, I spent the next couple of years traveling the world, learning from different cultures. Through my journey, I began formulating an artistic philosophy steeped in an admiration to express unifying truths about the human experience. Once I returned back to Los Angeles, Crystal and Wood was born, which is an on-going project that is the culmination of all my adventures and struggles fused into one creation. I create functional wooden boards fused with sacred crystals, that are meant to bring intention and healing into the home.

Unalome Chronicles: Bianca Greene, Mixed-Media Artist

Recently, my creative work has evolved into installations encompassing wood and video. I bond these two mediums in order to deconstruct all aspects of nature, exposing its hidden truths. My own inner deconstructive processes also informs these installations, as I try to uncover truths about my personal human experience. Ultimately, I envision creating an experimental space where I can test versions of self-expression, that are informed by the human experience, in order to inspire individuals to look deeper within. I believe this is how I can contribute to sparking change in society. I would love to continue this journey of examining the interconnections of life and nature to see what unfolds. Also, My Partner Emma Goldman and I will be opening up a wellness studio in Denver, Colorado, within the next year and we are dreaming that world into being.

What do your Crystal and Wood boards represent?
In each Crystal and Wood piece, I seek to embody mind, soul and body; Mind: The two materials of wood and crystal have opposing finishing processes, so I developed a unique technique to bring this craft to life. Soul: By harnessing the energy of soul, the wood becomes the container that holds the energy of the crystal. Together, they represent the energy of the earth. Each piece has been uniquely blessed by shaman, Emma Goldman of Collective Lotus Healings, who connects with the spirit energies of these two natural resources. Body: Symbolizing the versatility of the body, each piece has numerous functions based upon the user’s unique desires. The boards can be hung on a wall, placed on a bookshelf, used as alters or as serving boards for nourishing food. Each piece is a design element meant to bring meaning into your home.

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur?
As a full-time creator and business owner, I’m able to fully dedicate myself to the creative process. I control the space in my daily life to develop my creativity and put it to work! Every day I get to choose how I contribute to my world and what that looks like. I also love engaging with other creators and people who experience my creations in person, because that is when the work really comes alive – when my Crystal and Wood boards are being seen or held by someone, it’s a beautiful moment. One of pure co-creation, wonder and inquiry. This is one of my favorite parts of being an entrepreneur: the privilege of being able to create value and impact straight out of the ethos.

Unalome Chronicles: Bianca Greene, Mixed-Media Artist

What is the hardest part about running your own business?
The most challenging aspect of managing my own business is juggling the multitude of worlds I have to exist in. As the creative and artist, I must also be the business woman, salesperson, social media marketer, and so on. I often feel stretched, but I try to remember to be kind to myself and remember that I’m only one person doing the best I can to create a fulfilling life for myself. I’m trying to grow one step at a time and, one day, I hope to align with other visionaries who can help handle all of the tasks at hand.

How do you define success?
What makes me happy is when I don’t seek anything outside of myself and I create my own value from within. Success is breaking through my own limiting constructs and disbeliefs in order to help encourage other individuals. Everyone needs to believe that they are unlimited potential.

Tell us your favorites!
Book: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and The Essential Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Because, READ THEM. 

Artist: Joni Mitchell, seeking the same self-discovery and inquiry of the human experience through her artistry. 

Mentor: Daisaku Ikeda: He is a peace laureate of the world, Buddhist philosopher, educator, author, and nuclear disarmament advocate. 

Place in LA: Surfing at Staircases! And exploring the coves at El Matador Beach.

Unalome Chronicles: Bianca Greene, Mixed-Media Artist

What is a daily routine you can’t live without?
I chant every morning and evening “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” (Translation: dedication to the governing law of cause and effect through sound and teaching). Communing daily with my unlimited potential and the unlimited potential governing all aspects of all phenomenons is the source of everything to me.

#1: Water: water is life! #standingrock. #2: Headphones: music is life! #3: Notebook: the world of imagination is life."

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January 14, 2019